Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Dilemma.Who to Blame???

The Electric supplier Companies including Wapda, PEPCO, KESC and KW&SB  jointly undergoing Rs200 billion circular debt.The Companies accounts are EMPTY.Our Provincial Government's also have no maney to pay these companies of their part.

However, Budget 2009-10 has allocated Rs1.2 billion for Prime Minister Gilani's foreign tours, Rs390 million for "presidential staff, household and allowances," Rs230 million for the president's foreign tours, Rs645 million for "travelling, conveyance and air tickets" for our MNAs, and Rs7 billion for the "constituency development" of our legislators. The Government of Pakistan has some seven-dozen ministers or VIPs with the rank of minister. The governments of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and the NWFP put together have around 12-dozen more ministers and ministerial-rank VIPs. Each one of them cost us Rs100,000 a day.

Karachi, the biggest City of Pakistan is undergoing Blackout.Lahore, the garden of SouthAsia is suffering 16 hours Electricity shutdown.The intresting fact is that the one session of our Parliament blows Electricty of RS 50 million.We are suffering for no reason.Isnt it? or not? First we elect them and after some time we roar for Mid term Election.Who to blame? The Politicle parties or Ourself's.

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