Saturday, July 18, 2009

PM Sells Out to Pak according to Indian Media

Indian Prime Minister Mr Manmohan singh take a U turn and jusstify himself in the House by Saying that " The starting point of any meaningful dialogue with Pakistan is a fulfilment of their commitment not to allow their territory to be used in any manner for terrorist activities against India ". Although he gave the assurance to his counterpart PM Yousaf Raza Gillani that peace talk will not pe disturbed by any terrorrist activity beacuse both the countries are suffering with it.His statment is reviewed as a back Stance in Indian policy as The Mail Today running the frontpage headline “PM Sells Out to Pak”,  specially opposition is very angry on it, and they show their Innocence and walkedout from the House.

BJP called it a "shift" and "disappointed" action.The BJP said if resumption of dialogue was the result of the Gilani-Singh meeting then why the Indian government had taken eight months to do so.BJP is considered as "Anti Pakistan" and also "Anti Muslim" party.Gujrat had been suffered with betrayal of humanity in their Reign.MR Manmohan Singh writtle said that India and Pakistan are neighbours and we can not change it.Now it will b intresting to see that how Mr Manmohan jusstify himself because we all know the "Brilliant Stupidity" of Indian Media.

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