Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pride of The Nation is Everything

United States agreed to increase India's influence in Afghanistan by allowing them to boost up their Trading and Financial activities in Afghanistan.Foreighn Secretey of States Hillary Clinton have met India's Financial Lord's including Ratin TATA of TATA group, Anil Ambani of Relience Group, Chanda Kocher of ICICI and others.The meeting was Held at Taj india.

Pakistan have all the documentation to prove that India is invloved in the terrorrist activities against Pakistan through Afghanistan.But our Dialema is that Dollars have more value for our leaders than Pride of  the Nation.Evry one know that who are involved in 3rd March Lahore Attack.

Raw has more than twenty five small and medium centers in Afghanistan from where they are operating Terrorrist's.No body put any objection on that Including United States, becuase they are playing Double game with us and Alas our leaders obeying like a kitten.More india's Influence in Afghanistan, the more we suffer.We should know that who are our enimies.Piece of Paper is nothing, Pride of the Nation is everything.

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