Sunday, July 26, 2009

Terry: I'm staying with Chelsea

The Romance between John terry and Manchester City is over as Terry says" Iam Staying with the Blues.The England skipper, 28, has been linked with a big-money move to Manchester City. 

But he today released a statement in which he insists he has never contemplated leaving the Blues.He said"There has been a lot of speculation recently about my future and I want to clear this up once and for all".

"I am totally committed to Chelsea and always have been.Chelsea have also made it clear to me consistently that there was never any intention to accept any kind of offer". 

"When you are linked with any club, or with a manager who I have huge respect for, it will always make headlines but me leaving Chelsea was never a possibility". 

"I know there has been comment that I should have made a statement earlier but this is the Right time to say  that I am as committed as ever to helping drive Chelsea forward and I will be proud to lead the team for as long as I can."

Now this is very annoying situation for Mark Hughes as he is preparing to coup with shortage of productive Defence.Lesccot is ready to join him but Divid Moya dont want his defender to go.Lets see how Hughes gonna Handle it as he already have a Dozen Strickers.

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