Monday, July 20, 2009

"Sir, I plead guilty to my crime" says Ajmal Kasab

The lone surviving of Mumbai attacks pleaded guilty and gave  a detailed discription of his role in the Attacks left 166 people dead and paralyzed the city for three days.

In a verbal statement, Ajmal Kasab described his group's journey from Karachi, Pakistan on a boat, their landing in Mumbai on Nov. 26, and his shooting on a railway station and a hospital with a Partner Abu Ismail.

Earlier Kasab, 21, stood up before the special court hearing his case just as a prosecution witness was to take the stand and addressed the judge. "Sir, I plead guilty to my crime," he said, everyone went in a shock in the courtroom.Kasab said "There is no pressure on me. I am making the statement of my own will".

Asked by judge M.L. Tahiliyani why he confessed now after consistently denying his role, Kasab said it was because the Pakistani government recently acknowledged he was a Pakistani citizen, If Pakistan has accepted me as its citizen, then end this case and punish me for my crime," he said. "My request is that we end the trial and I ill be punished."

The Case hase changed so dramatically  that their are know futher words to explain.I hope the 3rd march shooting case will also solved like that.

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